Consulting Staff

Odum Institute consultants can provide assistance with data management, survey design, and quantitative and qualitative research design and analysis.

Survey Methodology

The Odum Institute offers consultation on all aspects of survey methodology. Brief consultations are offered at no charge (pending availability) to UNC students, faculty, and staff. We offer review and consultation to students working on dissertations, theses, or other research papers, and consult with students and faculty writing funding proposals. We do NOT provide consultation on class projects or assignments. For extended consultation, our time may be purchased on an hourly basis (by advance arrangement) through the Odum Institute Re-Charge Center. In certain situations and pending availability, hourly fee-for-service consultation may also be provided to organizations outside the UNC community.

Statistical Consulting

The Odum Institute maintains a statistical consulting service, staffed by advanced graduate students, who are on call in the Odum Institute computer laboratories to answer routine statistical and programming questions. In addition, several members of the Institute staff -- Cathy Zimmer and Chris Wiesen -- have more advanced expertise in statistical data analysis. These staff members offer individual consultations at all stages of the research process.

Qualitative Analysis

If you have questions about how to proceed with coding and analyzing your data, please contact Paul Mihas. Qualitative research frequently combines deductive and inductive approaches. Paul can help you talk through the analytical stages of your project, whether you are doing an ethnography, phenomenological study, mixed methods study, or grounded theory research.

Mixed Methods

If you are designing a study that incorporates qualitative and quantitative methods and data, Odum has consulting services to help you integrate the two strands of your research.