Virtual Computing Laboratory

The Odum Institute, in partnership with ITS Research Computing, has made available several lab applications on the Virtual Computing Laboratory (VCL). Located at, you can reserve an environment with many of the applications available in the Odum Institute computer labs from any computer with a remote desktop client (such as a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer). The service is available to any UNC student, faculty, or staff member.

Odum Institute environments available:

  • Amos/PASW Statistics (SPSS) 19 (with DBMS/Copy)
  • ArcGIS/ENVI+IDL/SAS/Spatial Apps
  • Atlas.ti/NVivo
  • LaTeX (with TeXNicCenter, MikTeX, and JabRef)
  • Mathematica 8
  • MATLAB 7.11 R2010b
  • Microsoft Office 2010

Other environments available include quantitative analysis applications.

To get started, visit, or read one of the help documents below:

If you have any problems or difficulties with using the VCL, please e-mail For problems or questions about the Odum Institute VCL images, please e-mail