Data Archive

Odum Archive Projects

The Odum Archive is involved in several research projects. For more information, contact Jonathan Crabtree at


The goal of the SafeArchive project is to develop a prototype storage platform for policy-driven distributed replication of digital holdings. This prototype will be a self-contained system that can be installed, used, and maintained by institutional staff without technical expertise. This project is funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

Virtual Archiving Demonstration Project

The Virtual Archiving for Public Opinion Polls: A Demonstration Project aims to streamline the data deposit process for public opinion research centers. The grant is funded by the  Institute for Museum and Library Services.


The Workforce Issues in Library and Information Science 3 (WILIS 3) project builds on the previous WILIS studies by focusing on a collaborative approach to data sharing. The major goals are to: 1) create publicly accessible de-identified datasets from the WILIS 1 and 2 studies; 2) develop an interactive program-specific data system to enable LIS programs to explore their own data and benchmark with other programs; and 3) produce a data archiving toolkit that can be used by other researchers. This study is funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services.


The DataNet Federation Consortium is funded by the National Science Foundation. The consortium spanning seven universities will build and deploy a prototype for national data management infrastructure.