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University of North Carolina Dataverse

The Odum Institute Data Archive staff is pleased to announce exciting changes to the Odum Institute Dataverse! We recently launched the new, upgraded Dataverse 4, which offers vast improvements to the user interface including faceted search and browsing; additional data handling capabilities to ensure long-term data preservation, access, and re-use; expanded metadata to support a broader array of disciplinary domains; and integration of innovative data analysis and visualization tools using new API functionality.

Because Dataverse 4 introduces significant enhancements that expand its usefulness to a greater diversity of researchers seeking data management and sharing solutions, the Odum Institute Dataverse has been re-introduced as the University of North Carolina Dataverse. This new name is a reflection of the UNC research community’s broad participation in data management and sharing activities as well as the Odum Institute’s commitment to support UNC researchers across disciplinary boundaries.

The Dataverse, developed at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at Harvard University, is an open-source software program that provides tools for preserving, searching and discovering, archiving, publishing, and analyzing data. It also makes it easy for data producers to receive recognition for their data contributions by automatically generating citations with persistent identifiers included. The Dataverse Project also supports a worldwide community of institutions that have adopted the Dataverse as their data repository solution. Members of the community provide feedback to Dataverse developers on system functionality and features, contribute code for Dataverse enhancements, and share their case studies on various uses of the Dataverse. Learn more at The Dataverse Project.

The Dataverse supports the Odum Institute Data Archive’s two primary roles:

Data Archive: As curators and stewards of the Institute’s archival dataset collections, the Odum Institute Data Archive performs key tasks for preserving, documenting, and providing access to data using Dataverse tools. The Dataverse provides public access to these valuable data collections curated and archived by the Odum Institute Data Archive. Learn more about the Odum Institute Data Archive collections.

Data Repository Service Provider: The Odum Institute Data Archive makes the Dataverse software available to researchers to support their data management and sharing activities. Archive staff also offers training and guidance on use of the Dataverse. For researchers seeking direct data management and archiving assistance, the Data Archive offers tiered data management and curation service levels to support varying data archiving and sharing needs. Learn more about the Odum Institute Data Management Services.

To get started using the UNC Dataverse to archive and share your data, documentation, and other related materials, check out the following training materials: