About the Institute

Founded in 1924, the Odum Institute supports the social science teaching and research mission at UNC. We provide a range of consulting services on quantitative and qualitative methods, GIS and spatial analysis, survey research, and data management. We offer more than 70 workshops every year, a graduate certificate program in Survey Research Methods, and a number of summer courses through ICPSR and for graduate students from underrepresented groups through NSF’s AGEP program. We operate a world-renowned data archive that continues to be a leader in archive tool and support development. We help researchers develop grant proposals and we provide full pre- and post-award support.  We also partner with other scholars, research teams, and Centers and Institutes to pursue research grants consistent with our mission.

Over the years, we have also pursued in a number of special projects. On an annual basis, we serve more than 2,000 unique users in our computer labs, log more than 3,200 individual consultations, and offer more than 3,600 seat hours of instruction through our over 70 workshops. We generate about $350,000 in grant support every year to support our own operations, not to mention the number of grants we assist others in securing. In short, we are a key part of the core research and teaching infrastructure for social scientists at UNC. We seek to lead locally, nationally, and internationally UNC’s continued effort to remain one of the world’s best universities in social science research and education.