Consulting Staff

Thu-Mai Christian

Thu-Mai Christian can provide assistance with data management and questions regarding our data archive. To schedule a meeting with Thu-Mai, please e-mail her at

Teresa Edwards

Teresa Edwards can provide assistance with survey/questionnaire design, that is, design issues before data collection. If the data are already collected and researchers need help with analysis, they should consult the graduate student consultant on duty, who, if needed, can refer them to Rosemary Russo or Chris Wiesen. To schedule a meeting with Teresa, please e-mail her at

Paul Mihas

Paul Mihas can consult on the following topics: qualitative research design, mixed methods research design, developing an interview (or focus group) guide, qualitative data collection, qualitative traditions (grounded theory, case study, narrative analysis, etc.), qualitative, software (Dedoose, ATLAS.ti, MAXQDA, QDA Miner, NVivo), qualitative analysis, and intercoder reliability. To schedule a meeting with Paul, please e-mail him at

Rosemary Russo

Rosemary Russo provides quantitative and statistical computing consulting. Her areas of expertise include latent curve modeling, SEM, Mplus, Stata, Excel, and SPSS. To contact Rosemary, please e-mail her at

Chris Wiesen

Chris Wiesen can provide assistance with quantitative research design, analysis, and software (especially SAS). This includes power calculations for surveys. To schedule a meeting with Chris, please e-mail him at

Cathy Zimmer

Cathy Zimmer consults on quantitative research design and analysis, including statistical computing. She specializes in OLS regression, logistic regression, structural equation modeling (SEM), multilevel models, SPSS, Stata, and Mplus. To schedule an appointment with Cathy, please email her at